ERAS Cardiac Members Help Launch Successful Program

From the website:

"Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS®) programs promote patient safety and faster post-surgical recovery. The first standardized ERAS protocol was developed in Europe for colorectal surgery in 1997. ERAS pathways for other specialties followed, but due to the complexities of heart and vascular surgery, ERAS cardiac programs had been unsuccessful—until a NAPA anesthesiologist, a cardiac surgeon, and a nurse educator at WakeMed Heart & Vascular, the cardiac practice at the not-for-profit regional WakeMed health system serving Raleigh, North Carolina, made it their mission to develop the first ERAS cardiac program in the U.S.

NAPA anesthesia leadership and clinical expertise helped transform cardiac care at WakeMed Health & Hospitals by spearheading an evidence-based ERAS cardiac program that produces superior clinical and operational outcomes. While enabling safer surgeries for cardiac patients, the new ERAS Cardiac also saved WakeMed’s Raleigh Campus hospital nearly $2 million in year one. This groundbreaking program demonstrates how NAPA adds value to its healthcare partners, and how small changes in procedures can have a big impact."

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