NEW Cardiac ERAS Turnkey Order Sets now available!

To assist clinicians in bringing existing guidelines and best practice recommendations to the bedside, ERAS Cardiac has created a series of "Turnkey Order Sets". These order sets have been created following review of the existing evidence, and provide a guide for implementation of these ERAS elements.

To assist with implementation of cardiac enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS), we have created a sample turn key order set (TKO). The order set has been translated by subject matter experts using accumulated evidence, peer-reviewed literature, and current enhanced recovery practices.

TKO's for Prevention of Post-operative Atrial Fibrillation and Patient Blood Management have recently been published.

ERAS Cardiac is currently working on new TKO's that will be available soon, including multimodal analgesia, infection prevention, and pre-operative medication instructions.

All TKO's, including additional content, can be found on the Virtual Training Center which is accessible to our Society Members.