Perfecting the surgical journey.



Cardiovascular disease causes the most deaths worldwide.


Estimated number of heart surgeries performed in North America in 2014.


Percentage of cardiac surgical morbidity that occurs outside of the operating room.


Reduction of time in hospital after an ERAS® Cardiac program was initiated.

It takes a large team of healthcare professionals to care for someone having heart surgery. Through a combination of knowledge, hard work, and cooperation, patients can have the best recovery possible.

The Society for Enhanced Recovery After Cardiac Surgery (ERAS® Cardiac) mission is to optimize perioperative care of cardiac surgical patients through collaborative discovery, analysis, expert consensus, and dissemination of best practices.

Upcoming events

ERAS Society 9th World Congress

Lisbon, Portugal


ERAS Society 9th World Congress

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Society 9th World Congress

Cardiac Session: Wednesday May 31, 13:30-17:00

The session will focus on current and future approaches to implementation and improvement through collaborative networks, How technology can improve outcomes from non-invasive monitoring to remote monitoring/eICU, data management & analytics and risk modeling.

Upon completion of this session, participants should be able to:

- Recognize how collaboration with others on implementation can improve and strengthen an ERAS program
- Understand how technology and data are necessary to sustain an ERAS program and improve patient outcomes
- Understand the evolovement of the Cardiac ERAS Guidelines
- Recognize the causes of AKI and prevention to improve patient outcomes.


    Cardiac Session Program

    Full Program

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    EACTS 37th Annual Meeting

    Vienna, Austria


    EACTS 37th Annual Meeting

    European Association of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery 37th Annual Meeting

    From the EACTS website:

    Join us in Vienna this year between 4-7 October for the 37th EACTS Annual Meeting!

    Vienna is steeped in musical and scientific history. Not only home to Mozart but also the location for the inaugural EACTS Annual Meeting back in 1987. This imperial city has become a favourite destination from which to stage the world’s largest cardiothoracic meeting.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to DISCOVER, EDUCATE and INNOVATE the future of cardiothoracic surgery to raise the bar and improve patient outcomes.


    Scientific Programme

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    In the news


    The latest ERAS Cardiac Society's Newsletter is now available.

    The latest ERAS Cardiac Society's Newsletter is now available.

    The ERAS Cardiac Newsletter provides insight into current topics on enhanced recovery, new developments and research, Society news, as well as information on recent publications and upcoming meetings.

    Highlights of the May 2023 Newsletter:

      • ERAS Cardiac “Turnkey Order Set” Session at the AATS 2023 Annual Meeting
      • Pharmacologic preconditioning
      • Cryo nerve block for analgesia after sternotomy.
      • Point-of-care viscoelastic testing to improve transfusion practices.
      • Tackling perioperative anxiety
      • Recent ERAS-related publications and upcoming meetings

    Editor: Rawn Salenger MD

    News Article

    ERAS Cardiac Members Help Launch Successful Program

    ERAS Cardiac Members Help Launch Successful Program

    From the website:

    "Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS®) programs promote patient safety and faster post-surgical recovery. The first standardized ERAS protocol was developed in Europe for colorectal surgery in 1997. ERAS pathways for other specialties followed, but due to the complexities of heart and vascular surgery, ERAS cardiac programs had been unsuccessful—until a NAPA anesthesiologist, a cardiac surgeon, and a nurse educator at WakeMed Heart & Vascular, the cardiac practice at the not-for-profit regional WakeMed health system serving Raleigh, North Carolina, made it their mission to develop the first ERAS cardiac program in the U.S.

    NAPA anesthesia leadership and clinical expertise helped transform cardiac care at WakeMed Health & Hospitals by spearheading an evidence-based ERAS cardiac program that produces superior clinical and operational outcomes. While enabling safer surgeries for cardiac patients, the new ERAS Cardiac also saved WakeMed’s Raleigh Campus hospital nearly $2 million in year one. This groundbreaking program demonstrates how NAPA adds value to its healthcare partners, and how small changes in procedures can have a big impact."

    Follow the link below to read the complete article.

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    ERAS Cardiac to Establish New Membership Initiative

    ERAS Cardiac to Establish New Membership Initiative

    The ERAS Cardiac Society is pleased to announce a new membership initiative. By establishing a formal membership program, ERAS Cardiac hopes to better engage individuals with a shared interest in continuing to improve perioperative cardiac surgical care.

    Membership benefits will include:

    - Access to our soon-to-be-launched ERAS Cardiac Virtual Training Center (VTC). This online educational platform will allow users to pursue self-directed learning by accessing high-quality multi-media content from international experts.

    - Invitations to virtual webinars and town-halls exclusive to members-only.

    - Opportunities to become involved in the ERAS Cardiac Society through participation in committees, invited presentations, publications, and research.

    - Access to our full on-line archive of recommended publications on ERAS for cardiac surgery.

    - Quarterly ERAS Cardiac Newsletter emailed directly to members.

    - Potential discounts on ERAS Cardiac meetings and publications.

      ERAS Cardiac Membership is anticipated to be open late 2022/early 2023.

      We will continue to keep the ERAS community updated via email.

      If you are interested in the ERAS Cardiac Membership, please let us know via our website Contact Page.


      ERAS Cardiac to launch new Virtual Training Center

      ERAS Cardiac to launch new Virtual Training Center

      The ERAS Cardiac Society is excited to announce that in the near future we will be launching a brand new online educational platform: ERAS Cardiac Virtual Training Center (VTC). The VTC will be an opportunity for healthcare providers, trainees, and patients to pursue self-directed learning about enhanced recovery for cardiac surgery. Learners will be able to browse a comprehensive selection of Modules related to ERAS Cardiac history, care elements, and implementation. Bringing together international ERAS experts, we will create an online learning experience based on a wide selection of high-quality and informative multi-media presentations, pod-casts, recommended publications, and other educational content.

      Modules & Topics for the initial ERAS Cardiac VTC launch will include:

      Module 1: ERAS Cardiac – Overview & Concepts

      • History of ERAS
      • Principles of ERAS
      • History of ERAS Cardiac

      Module 2: Core Elements

      • Active chest tube clearance
      • AKI prevention
      • Delirium
      • Early Extubation
      • Goal-directed therapy
      • Multimodal analgesia
      • Nutrition
      • Patient Engagement
      • Prehabilitation
      • Rigid sternal fixation
      • Surgical Site Infection Reduction

      Module 3: Future of ERAS Cardiac

      • Atrial fibrillation
      • Blood conservation
      • Goal-directed perfusion
      • PONV
      • Regional anesthesia

      Module 4: Program Development and Implementation

      • Build your ERAS Team
      • Engaging patients
      • Facilitating organizational change
      • Common barriers to implementation
      • ERAS Cardiac Audit

      Access to the VTC will be limited to ERAS Cardiac Society Members, another new initiative that we are undertaking.

      Click below to learn more about the upcoming ERAS Cardiac Membership:

      ERAS Cardiac VTC launch is anticipated to be in late 2022/early 2023. We will continue to keep the ERAS community updated via email.

      If you are interested in the VTC or ERAS Cardiac Membership, please let us know via our website Contact Page.

      Our recommendations

      Our ERAS Cardiac Society members care about helping patients achieve the best recovery possible, and to help their healthcare team achieve this goal. To do this we have reviewed hundreds of publications to come up with a set of recommendations that we think can help improve the care and recovery of patients having heart surgery. We work hard everyday with experts around the world to find new ways to optimize the care people receive when they have their surgery.

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